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Post by Sou on Mon Jan 12, 2015 7:29 pm

Hello and welcome to AshK's All Anime RPG Forum...unfortunately by clicking on the title, you have entered the worst section of any Roleplaying site...THE RULES!!!


1. One account per player. It is much easier to tell who plays who if we all use one universal account instead of creating separate ones for each character. Plus we can include multiple characters in the same post.

2. Please be respectful to everyone; if there is a problem with another member, contact one of the staff and we'll try to work things out. If the problem persists than one...or both parties will need to leave.

3. Forum Rules L3_s2_v2

- Cursing is fine in game, but PLEASE keep it clean Out of Character, the occasional outburst is understandable but DON'T make it a habit.

4. Advertise in the appropriate place. Those caught posting ads, spam or inappropriate material elsewhere on the site shall be dealt with...


1. While not really a 'sandbox game', players are free to create and participate in multiple RP threads. However to maintain a sense of continuity, each thread should have a time stamp in the thread heading

The thread heading should look like this "MM-DD-YYYY (In game time not real time) - Thread title.
Ex: July-6-2016 Galactic Guardians - Return of the Dark Kingdom

This helps to determine the order things take place in. It also allows for distant past/future RPs without needing time travel or flashbacks. Finally, if 2 threads are given the same time stamp, characters in one can't participate in both until their first thread is finished as they are happening at the same time.

2. NO One-liners, while we don't have a Word Count here, we expect there to be enough material for your fellow Roleplayers to respond to.

3. No Godmoding or Metagaming which means no controlling another player's character or declaring what damage is done. In the case of Villains, their attacks are permitted to auto-hit, but they STILL can't say what happens to the target.

- As for Metagaming, that means a player is not allowed to use site information or character information while playing that HASN'T been provided to their characters in-game. Such as a character automatically knowing a person is a villain despite never encountering them before but the player knows from a plot description.

4. HAVE FUN...or ELSE!!!


1. When posting your characters, make a thread with "Player's Name's Characters" and just post each new character as a reply to that thread.

2. There is no character limit, just make sure you can keep up with all of them.

3. It is up to the person GM'ing their particular thread to decide if they want a character limit (per player) or not. If none is specified in the opening post of the thread, then it is considered 'unlimited'. If specific characters are mentioned in the plot's description but aren't apped, they can be NPC'd by someone but not count as one of their regular characters. Also, in the case of characters with a Guardian/Pokemon/Fairy/or other kind of Familiar; it's only the character possessing those that count toward the limit.

4. Character Approval: While not required, it is the general unwritten practice to wait a MINIMUM OF TWENTY-FOUR HOURS before using them in a Main Storyline, Independent Chapter, or the RPG Character Resort; those characters transferred from other sites like the CBC and initial character submissions by members can be used right away. Any Character(s) submitted after the initial character submission must wait the twenty-four hours. The good news is, if nothing negative is heard from any of the administrators within the twenty-four hour period, they are free to be used in the game or the RPG Character Resort.

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