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(Note: Japanese characters are used in this, if some things don't display properly you may need to enable them by going to 'View-Character Encoding and switching on something like Shift_JIS)


NAME:  Ryuusei Fuushino

Meaning: Immortal Shooting/Fallen Star

ANIME, GAME ETC. YOUR CHARACTER IS BASED ON, OR IS IT MADE UP: OC based on Tales of Destiny/2 from Namco Bandai’s ‘Tales of’ series.

ALTERNATE NAME, NICKNAME OR HUMAN NAME (Optional): ‘R-F’, ‘Darilshade’s top Brawler’


AGE (Optional): 17

RACE: Seishin/Spirit

BLOOD TYPE (Optional): O


OCCUPATION: Dimensional Drifter


Due to conditions; he is quite 'small' for his age; standing at 161 Cm and weighing 57 Kg; roughly 5'3 and 126 lbs. However, while he appears quite scrawny, the teen's muscles are very well toned, this allows for a nice balance of speed and strength...but doesn't normally make for a great tank...maybe if they had regenerative abilities like he does? His skin is quite pale due to an inconsistent and infrequent exposure to sunlight. His eyes are bright green and still show a hint of innocence despite all the crap he's seen growing up. His hair is greenish-brown that he cuts himself, giving it the unkempt look.

The Seishin has many small cuts and scars from numerous street fights exorcises over the years, but one thing stands out over all the others. During the fight where he was abducted, Ryuusei wrapped the Mithril Chain he wears as a 'belt' around his right arm. And used it as a conductor to boost his Raijinken. The attack did the job, but burned his arm severely. Luckily, his healing ability restored function to the arm. However, the skin is permanently 'white'... which really doesn't look that different from his normal tone. The burn left several red marks from some of the chain's links, in a spiral pattern from his shoulder to and around his knuckles... And no he is NOT a masochist!

His fashion sense is...utter crap. He pretty much lives in a tattered and ‘faded’ red T-shirt with "RYUUSEI 765" written on the front, and a large "T" on the back. A pair of predominately dark green and maroon patterned camouflage pants. The aforementioned Mithril Chain Belt that he stole from some ship yard. The silver Feat Symbol around his neck, and finally a pair of lace-less black sneakers. Alternatively, the teen may swap the red T-shirt with a dark green tanktop with a large red star on the back which has 'R-F' cut out of the material. Or a black T-shirt under a red sleeveless vest with the "RYUUSEI 765" written on a patch sewn onto the left side of the vest and wears a short blue cape.

EYE COLOUR: Bright Green

HAIR COLOUR: Greenish-Brown

HAIR LENGTH (Optional): Short

SKIN COLOUR (Optional): Pale

WEIGHT (Optional): 57 Kg

HEIGHT (Optional): 161 Cm

BIRTHMARKS, TATTOOS, WINGS OR OTHER PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES (Optional): Red chain-link burns spiraling from his right shoulder down to and around his knuckles.

COSTUME: Just his Civies

WEAPONS/ITEMS: He carries (but doesn’t use) the Swordian Dimlos as the Core Crystal's too valuable to damage in a fight.

Mithril Chain - A chain made from Mithril Silver that he swiped from a shipyard and wears as a belt. Occasionally he'll wrap it around his arm as a weapon. When he burnt himself while wearing it, the chain absorbed quite a bit of his Kami blood and gained holy properties akin to the Vampire Killer Whip.

紫電 Shiden - Raisenken 'Sword Mode's perfected form; a purple-bladed lightning katana that's as light as air, strikes with the force of a thunderclap and sears when it cuts. Named after a sword from his world.

極光剣 Aurora Sword - Kyokkouheki condensed into a weapon; a light-blue bladed longsword that when swung emits a multi-colored aura when swung. As it was made from a quasi-space barrier, it can cut through artificial Space-Time. It also possesses holy properties, making it effective against creatures of darkness.

JEWELLERY (Optional): A silver ‘Sword-shaped Rune’ necklace known as a ‘Feat Symbol’.


Everything is the same as above.


Healing Factor/Longevity
As a Kami he can regenerate faster than normal humans. His blood can be used to heal others and maybe transfer some of his Healing Factor to the patient. Now that his powers have 'awakened', he'll stop aging.

Traversing Space-Time
As a 'child' of the God Fortuna, Ryuusei can traverse Time and Space by harnessing large quantities of Lens Energy.

Light Constructs
He has the ability to generate Light(ning) Constructs,

蒼破刃 Souhajin – Air blade/sphere of concussive force projectile. Wind
-蒼牙刃 Sougajin – Ground strike, releases compressed air. - Not great for striking (unless the enemy’s underground) but can cause nice area damage, create an air screen or launch himself into the air. Wind
--閃光衝 Senkoushou - Ground strike which releases a burst of Light - He developed it from Sougajin and does use it purely for offense. Light
---閃光翔墜 Senkoushoutsui - Extension; after using Senkoushou, Ryuusei can focus the energy into a short-range concentrated beam. Light - This is the Base Arte used for Shouharekkousen.
----烈震天衝 Resshintenshou - A much more powerful version of Senkoushou where the strike causes a small fissure; releasing both the Light energy AND Geo force. Earth/Light
-----龍炎閃 Ryuuensen - Ryuusei punches the ground and summons fiery energy to the surface which he fuses with his own energy transforming it into a Dragon's Head before being fired off. Fire
-蒼破追蓮 Souhatsuiren - Firing off 2 Souhajin either together or one after another. Wind

瞬迅拳 Shunjinken - Extremely fast straight punch releasing air pressure. - Can be quite handy at smashing stone. Wind
-風迅拳 Fuujinken - Shunjinken's big brother; not as 'fast' an attack as above but more powerful (the air charge being 'visible'). It also doesn't need to be a straight. - Has a rather explosive impact. Wind

絶影 Zetsu'ei - High-speed/impact diving strike within a vortex. Wind
-鳳凰天駆 Hou'outenkuu- High-speed/impact diving strike while surrounded by fire in the shape of a Phoenix. Fire

烈風拳 Reppuken - An uppercut within a 'Spiral' of wind. Wind
-海龍拳 Kairyuuken - Using Reppuken's concept, he turns the vortex into a vacuum drawing in water. - The 'power' of this varies greatly depending on where it's used, it's definitely more useful near a large body of water Vs. a simple rain storm...and it does make him vulnerable to lightning during the charge phase. Wind/Water

輪舞旋風 Rondosenpuu – Ryuusei has two versions of this; the first being a spin-kick releasing a crescent wave, the second is the ‘reverse’ that is used to draw in air. Wind

空破特攻弾 Kuuhatokoudan - Ryuusei shoots himself rapidly into the air at a steep angle. While spinning he draws in air to increase speed/force before impacting the target. Wind
-空破爆炎弾 Kuuhabakuendan - Much like Kuuhatokoudan but not as fast as he does not draw in air but heat while spinning, turning himself into a 'human' fireball which can be rather explosive for both parties if he makes full-body contact with the target. Fire

雷神拳 Raijinken - Lightning-charged punch. Lightning
-風雷神拳 Fuuraijinken - Combination of Raijinken and Setsuna; Raijinken within a swirling wind shield. Wind/Lightning
--飛燕雷脚 Hienraikyaku - Same concept as Raijinken but as a kick. Lightning

雷閃拳 Raisenken - He extends his hand towards the heavens and calls down the lightning which is then condensed into a large orb. - It takes a while to charge, leaving him open to attack. When it is fully charged he can release it as several lightning bolts, fired as a beam of concentrated energy or hurled in it's most concentrated form which resembles a sword that creates a large explosion of energy upon impact. Lightning

翔破裂光閃 Shouharekkousen - When using Senkoushoutsui, Ryuusei can draw upon the energies of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water disburse during the battle (such as from his own Artes). The energies of the 4 Elements spiral around him and are fused into the light blast, increasing it's power immensely. Light

刹那 Setsuna - His 'Flash Step'-esque move; but can only move back and forth or vertically. - Can be used in conjunction with other attacks to add extra force. Wind
剛招来 Goushourai - Ryuusei literally sets his body ablaze with a fiery red aura which while active doubles his power and the flames themselves provide some protection...however because of the intense heat and well fire surrounding him; continuous usage will damage his body. (But thanks to his natural regenerative ability, he CAN sustain it longer than a normal human). Fire
魔障壁 Mashouheki - An anti-magic barrier created using dark energy that can neutralize low-level spells while weakening intermediate spells (while powered up with Goushourai it can neutralize intermediate spells while weakening high level magic) of all other elements but can be easily penetrated by light attacks. Dark
-極光壁 Kyokkouheki - In moments of desperation, Goushourai can tap into his divine power and turn the Dark Arte Mashouheki into a shimmering, rainbow holy barrier. The barrier can absorb energy and magic attacks and convert that energy into a healing force that is divided among those within the barrier.
--極光波 Kyokkouha - Extension; instead of healing those within the barrier, Ryuusei can concentrate the absorbed energy and return fire. Like with the healing force, Kyokkouha's destructive force is dependent on what is al lobbed at the barrier.
- 極光剣 Kyokkouken - Once Kyokkouheki has been erected, Ryuusei can condense the energy down and transform it into a physical sword with a golden blade surrounded by a rainbow aura. While the blade's materialized, Ryuusei cannot create another barrier as that energy is currently outside of his body but can once the blade is de-materialized, and re-absorbed into him.

He doesn’t possess enhanced strength; his strength-level is that of a well-trained human.

His Artes are all Elemental, which can do little-to-no damage or even feed enemies strong against said element.

He’s more durable than most (especially somebody of his size) but he is not immortal.

Though he actually CAN use Magic (as all humans from his world now can); he hasn’t learned any spells preferring to stick to his Strike Artes.

He is more vulnerable to Magic Attacks (especially dark magic, being light-aligned) than Physical (having built up quite a high level of endurance through a lifetime of beatings AND his own actions). And his Healing Factor doesn’t recover from Magical Attacks as quickly either, will this stop him from charging a Mage…..NOPE!

His ability to traverse Space-Time requires a special type of energy that’s…pretty rare outside of his dimension. It is the reason he carries that sword around and not fight with it (The crystal in the hilt can generate it). If he were to lose the weapon or it’s destroyed than he’s ‘stuck’ in whichever Time Period/World he’s currently in. Also he cannot leap consecutively; it takes AT LEAST the equivalent of an ‘Earth Week’ to recharge.


Ryuusei's life as a street fighter didn't do well for him... Instead of an 'upstanding citizen', he's rude, crude and lewd. He's got a dark sense of humor and cusses like a sailor; in short, he's a little punk-ass and damn proud of it! However, he isn't actually mean'mean'; he knows where to draw the line. It actually tales a lot to really anger him… And those who DO manage that will know it as he’ll cut the BS and just beat on them…

He may not be 'book smart' but he’s very 'street smart'. Despite his fashion sense; dressing like a street kid lets him blend in where he can 'observe' the world around him, taking it all in. If something piques his interests he will study it further but on his own time.

His favorite food is Pepperoni Pizza, he REFUSES to eat anything but either pepperoni or plain cheese...except for the occasional mold because he's used to dumpster diving. The Seishin grew up in a cold, rainy city; although circumstances forced him from his home, he hasn't forgotten his roots. In the rain, Ryuusei channels the good old days. When most people feel down, he's full of pith and vinegar plus his senses are heightened; making fighting him in the rain a WHOLE new ballgame! Even when injured or in personal turmoil, or he knows he can't win; he'll cause his enemies to wake up in the night, hoping that stain down there is sweat...

Finding out he's a Kami is something that really bothers him. So he wants to keep it on the down low as much as possible. However, if someone calls him out on it (sensing his aura being different from a normal human’s) …He’s not going to insult their intelligence. And his answer to stress? SMOKING! Helps relieve the tension, plus his Healing Factor repairs any damage and strengthens his body and on top of that, makes him look 40% cooler! It's a winner all around!

FAVOURITE COLOUR (Optional): Green and Red

FAVOURITE FOOD (Optional): Pepperoni Pizza


Ryuusei has ‘no’ family; he grew up on the mean, rain-saoked streets of Darilshade alone.

MOTHER'S NAME (Optional): The Kami Fortuna ‘created’ him along with many others.

SISTER'S NAME (Optional): The two Seijou Elraine and Reala; their little ‘sibling rivalry’ caused who knows how much damage to their world’s Time Stream. Which resulted in fortuna being killed to ‘fix’ it and her ‘children’ scattered about.


PAST HISTORY: This story actually begins in another time... when the zealot Seijou Elraine manipulated their world's timeline to satisfy her own ends. 'Mankind NEEDS God' was her justification for reviving the damned. First was Lion Magnus, who betrayed the Swordian Masters, but sacrificed himself to aid them; however, the world only remembered his hand in its near destruction. When Lion refused her offer of 'revenge', Elraine reached into the depths of Hell to summon the brutal warrior Barbatos Goetia, who betrayed the Ground Army for power and glory, but was forgotten by history. While sent after the Four Heroes; Barbatos only managed to kill Stan Aileron; the partner of his own murderer, Dimlos, and maim his wife Rutee, all in front of a young Kyle and Loni.

Meanwhile, Elraine hoarded Lens' in order to summon her 'mother', the Kami Fortuna. After defeating both the Seijou and Fortuna; Stan's son, Kyle Dunamis destroyed the Lens composite. This reset the timeline so that Elraine never appeared in the world; this came at the cost of her ‘sister’ the Seijou Reala's life as well as the other children of Fortuna. Or so it would seem, while exploring the Laguna Ruins; Kyle had a feeling of deja vu. When he arrived at the summit, Reala appeared before him; she was alive and well, were there any others?

Seinegald''s Capital City; Darilshade, 11 years ago…

This once great city was rotting; the Oberon Company executives made a play for World Domination. With them gone, the Company itself fell apart and the country lost its primary source of revenue, Lens. The Royal Family disappeared, and the Nobles left to pool their resources with the Streylize Temple, building a new city up north, Aigrette. Darilshade became a rainy slum, populated by the poor, bums, low-lives and one Seishin...

He looked about 6-year-old and possessed no memory of his former life. Like many of the kids he was an orphan. He took whatever he needed; food, clothing, hell even his own name. The boy first heard 'Ryuusei' from a foreigner who said it meant something like 'fallen star' and made it his name. Ryuusei wasn't a fighter; being the little guy always gotten him beatings from the 'bigger' street kids. Fortunately, that all changed...

One day, while stumbling out of an alley, the boy witnessed a swordsman named Grid; he was the leader of a loser trio named Shikkoku no Tsubasa who seek fame and fortune, but in over a decade, hadn't a single Gald to their name, but they continued to lurk around town to 'inspire the youth'. Grid was showing off an 'Ougi' he'd mastered to his buddies John and Milly. Afterwords, the over-confident idiot tossed the manual down a storm drain.

Maybe it was from that last concussion, but Ryuusei dove into the sewer to fish it out. The water had ruined the writing...if it could be called that, but some of the drawings could still be made out. It looked easy enough for a kid; why someone pushing 40 would get excited over it, he'd never know. So he picked up a broken pipe and started practicing, after several weeks, he'd learned to channel and release air as a projectile attack. So he set off with his pipe to get a little payback of the gangs that beat on him. What he didn't count on was just how hard it was to hit a moving target while dragging the pipe with both hands. He'd missed every single attack. The boss decided 'enough was enough' and they wolf-packed him!
Nearly a month later, when he could move properly; Ryuusei decided to start practicing it again. Since he wasn't that strong he couldn't rely on the pipe. Instead he tried it out unarmed, with much quicker results, for one he could move easily. When it came time for the rematch, the little punk offered up a free shot; which Ryuusei returned by Souhajin'ing the snot's left ear off. The boy did a victory dance while the worst bully he knew was on the ground bleeding and bawllin' for his mama. He didn't stop with just that basic move, over the years; he picked up other moves; modifying and perfecting them into his own unique style. Ryuusei also perfected his movements; by running, often times barefoot on Darilshade’s rain-soaked and treacherous pavement. And he built up endurance in a nearby place called Hermentz Valley by battling the gale-force winds that would hammer him into the cliff walls.

By the time he was 17, Aigrette was well under construction; vary few visited the old capital anymore. All Ryuusei had for rivals were the same losers he'd kicked the crap out of for 10 years...that rotting horse was on its second trip to Hell. So he set his sights on the Continent of Fitzgald and Noischtat which was famous for it's Coliseum. Originally, he wanted to wait until he had sufficient funds for a boat ticket.

However, these plans were derailed after a murder was pinned on him. Even after turning in the real killers who confessed and had the weapon AND blood on them...but the City Guard wanted a payday more than justice so he was forced to make haste...right into a phalanx of no less than 3, and no more than 5 henchm....errr 'Bioroids' sent by the Tenjoujin War Criminal; Simon Gutri to bring in any viable candidates for his experiment.

The Bio-mechs were both shocking and exhilarating; nothing like the losers or wildlife he was used to. He didn't go down without a fight; making a dangerous move with the Chain allowed him to destroy ONE of his attackers. Leaving the rest of the group and only one arm to work with. He could only hold his own for so long before the Bioroids overpowered him. And brought him to their semi-functional base; the Aerial City Helraios, where their Creator, and a Demon named Ronove were waiting.

Gutri was in possession of the thought destroyed, Swordian Dimlos. And after promising the Demon he could 'have' the Seishin Boy when the experiment was complete; stabbed the fiend...through the back. The Demonic blood on the blade caused a reaction within the Core Crystal; where energy from the 'Kami no Me' now resided. Ryuusei was then brought from his holding cell and goaded into killing his captor, even presented a weapon to do so...but as soon as he ran a hand along that hilt; the radiation from the Core Crystal engulfed him! In that moment he experienced more pain, both physically and mentally than he'd ever known in his life, seeing her atrocities as if through Elraine's own eyes...And then, it all went bright.

What happened here was the beginning of everything...

GOALS/MISSION: He really doesn’t have one…with ALL that stuff that happened, he just wants to take his time and get his head together.

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