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NAME: Vance Brice


ALTERNATE NAME, NICKNAME OR HUMAN NAME (Optional): Nickname) Spyn - Codename) Psyral

NAME MEANING (Optional):  Swift Marsh


AGE (Optional): 25

BLOOD TYPE (Optional): O+

DATE OF BIRTH (Optional): 05-03-1982

STARSIGN (Optional): Taurus(Dog)


OCCUPATION: Fighter, Protector

ALLIES (Optional): Xtreme Regime

ENEMIES (Optional): Eclipsion




HAIR LENGTH (Optional): Short

SKIN COLOUR (Optional): Dark

NATIONALITY (Optional): American

WEIGHT (Optional): 185 lbs

HEIGHT (Optional): 6' 4"

BIRTHMARKS, TATTOOS, WINGS OR OTHER PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES (Optional): Hidden tattoos all over body that are revealed only in super form.

COSTUME: Different forms & armors depending on situation/combat, shown below in Other.

The weapons shown here become different according to what style is used.
Long Sword) A long-bladed sword for default combat.
Glaive) A curved blade for default and close-ranged combat.
Dragon Rod) Made from the scales of a dragon, it can grow from a quarterstaff to a longstaff. There's is also an optional blade that can appear on it.
Composite Flails) These twin yo-yos are of Vance's creation. They have spring-loaded edges capable of blunting, slashing, and piercing, and the string is made of chain-link steel.
Slingshot) A weapon for launching projectiles, from rocks to bombs and anything else that will fit.
Darts) Projectiles that cause piercing damage. These can also be loaded with explosives.
Throwing Blades) Aerodynamic discs with blades, inspired from flying discs, or frisbees.

JEWELRY (Optional):
MetaEye) The MetaEye is a unique magical item, using the willpower and imagination of the user to make a tangeble force, from force fields, to energy blasts, to even energy constructs. (it's similar to the Lantern Corps' rings). It's the only thing that will help Vance access his super form.
Metagizer) A bracer with a mini-dimension capable storing multiple forms & weapons to transform into. (it's like super sentai transformations).




HAIR LENGTH (Optional): Short

SKIN COLOUR (Optional): Dark

NATIONALITY (Optional): America

WEIGHT (Optional): 185 lbs

HEIGHT (Optional): 6' 4"




JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES (Optional): Metagizer


Air Slash- An empowered slash projectile that can be either airborne or on the ground.
Power Strike- A charged attack that is done either unhanded or a weapon.
Spynball- A sommersault attack, used unarmed or with a weapon, preferably a blade.
Cyclone Spin- Vance spins his body like a whirlwind and attacks the enemy on all sides. This attack can also be used for long-range projectile attacks.
Furious Storm- Vance rushes the enemy with a flurry of combos that result in knocking the enemy into the air, continuing the combo in the air and slamming the opponent back down.

Wind Blade- A whirlwind or a ball of sharp air spins at the enemy, bursting on contact and causing lacerations.
Fire Ball- A concentrated ball of heat comes down on the enemy, exploding into heat and flames on contact.
Ice Shard- Sharp crystals of ice rain on the target, impaling and freezing the target.
Lightning Bolt- A bolt of electricity is sent at the enemy, electrocuting the target.
Rainfall- Giant drops of rain swift fall upon the enemy at a crushing velocity, dousing the target with water.

Power Shot- Vance's fighting power is transferred into a ball of energy to be shot at the enemy, which explodes violently on contact.
Tempest Cannon- Vance channels the elements of air, water, electricity, and cold into a cyclonic blast that's directed at the enemy.
Hyper Wave- Vance combines several Air Slashes into one place by slashing repeatedly & frantically, sending the resulting charged Air Slash at the enemy. This can also be used as a close-range attack.
Raging Cyclone- The elements of air, electricity, cold, and water surround Vance as a furious tornado surges around him and tears up all in his path. Passing after awhile, this leaves Vance's severely exhausted afterwards, and he does all he can to keep himself from passing out.
Five-Star Smackdown- Vance charges his fighting power into himself. As his body surges with energy, he rushes at the opponent, attacking in the following order. Unarmed Melee, Weapon Melee, Multiple Spynball Attack, A charged version of Tempest Cannon, A charged version of Power Shot with elements of air, water, electricity, and cold. All of this leaves Vance very tired.

LIST PHYSICAL WEAKNESSES: Despite Vance's athleticism, his physical attributes are average, none really exceeding the other. Also, when he loses his temper, he spends alot of energy quickly and becomes tired after he's empty.

LIST MAGICAL WEAKNESSES: Without the transformations, Vance has the same vulnerabilities to magical attacks & effects.

Other weaknesses vary depending on the transformation.


ATTITUDE TOWARDS OTHERS: He is quiet, yet friendly towards new people, though he is suspicious against those of the lawful alignment, believing that they simply follow orders without remorse or reservation to sacrifice others. He is a romantic and is nice to women. He does not tolerate wrong-doers, regardless of law, rules, or social standings, and will confront them if he thinks their wrong.


FAVOURITE FOOD (Optional): Peanut Butter, BBQ, Cheese, Hotdogs, Pasta

FAVOURITE ELEMENT (Optional): Air, Electricity

FAVOURITE SUBJECT (Optional): Literature



LIKES (Optional): Video Games, Women, Fantasy, Watching Anime, Crystals & Gems, Exploration

DISLIKES (Optional): Cole Slaw, Shellfish, Bullies, Chauvinists & masochists

DREAMS/WISH (Optional): To find soulmate or have a polygynic relationship, to open restaurant-arcade, to find and run a large-scale living project like a city-ship or a planet-ship.

BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND/SECRET CRUSH (Optional): None - Single & Looking

HOBBIES (Optional): Parkour & Freerunning, Video Gaming, Writing & Reading Fantasy, Eating Food





PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Humanoid Spirit Guardian

AGE (Optional): None

ATTITUDE TOWARDS OTHERS: Inquisitive, Sensitive, and Curious.

STORY BEHIND ANIMAL/CREATURE FRIEND: Sentra was the guardian spirit who protected the MetaEye before Vance was to endure a challenge to recieve it, and she tested him before he could use it. Now she travels with him as his guardian spirit.

LIST PHYSICAL ATTACKS AND EFFECTS: She has no physical attacks due to her being incorporeal.

LIST MAGICAL ATTACKS AND EFFECTS: Her magical attacks consist of mainly defensive manuvers, such as force fields & reflective barriers, as well as holding and handling energy.

LIST MISCELLANEOUS ATTACKS AND EFFECTS: She is also capable of taking over Vance body when he is unconscious and even use the MetaEye with his own body & mind, though it is her energy that is used.

LIST PHYSICAL WEAKNESSES: None, except when using Vance's body.

LIST MAGICAL WEAKNESSES: She is vulnerable to elements like sonic, electricity, and ectoplasmic energy.


MOTHER'S NAME (Optional): Tessa Collson Brice

FATHER'S NAME (Optional): Vincent Brice

SISTER'S NAME (Optional): Vania Brice

BROTHER'S NAME (Optional): None

HOME PLANET/COUNTRY (Optional): Vance was born on Earth in the USA, though he currently lives on planet Ultria on the continent of Supinu.


PAST HISTORY: Vance was a normal teen on Earth before his school was attacked by the evil planet raiders, Eclipsion. They were searching for Vance while he was in school and they would've succeeded had it not been for three of Vance's would-be allies, the Breeze sibblings Crystal, Holly, and Brandon. As they brought him to Ultria, they told him about how their own worlds were attacked by Eclipsion, and that he was the only one that could use the legendary MetaEye to fight back. With only three weeks to train, Vance became familiar with basic physical and magical combat, despite grueling, violent fights with Eclipsion's military forces & specialists, eventually recieving the MetaEye through a challenging trial, and dealing Eclipsion a deft blow while rescuing several prisoners. Now they continue to defend the Fanza System against threats from Eclipsion while pursuing them on outside worlds & dimensions as well. In addition, Vance is constantly going on adventures using a mystical portal given to him by the goddess of magics and the creator of the Fanza System, Vesta, to improve his skill as a fighting protector.

To fight wrong-doers and fight for what's good, seeking allies of common virtue & goals.


-Metagizer Transformations-

The following is a list of Metagizer transformations and the weapons, equipment, and styles that comes with each. There are four transformations to use, but how they look depends on the style Vance chooses. For example, if he's facing foes in a medieval setting, his armor and weapons would have a more medieval look to them. If the setting is futuristic, the armor and weapons become more technological and cybernetic. Modern settings would invoke a contemporary & modern look to weapons and armor.

Vance's basic form. This is the first form he makes with the Metagizer, feeling more comfortable up-close and personal in the fight. Vance's phyiscal strength, speed, endurance, and agility are balanced to give him just the right amount of protection without sacrificing manuverability.
Agility, speed, and technique are channeled when using this form. Trading in strength and defense for more manuverability, Vance is free to move all over the battlefield, completely unrestricted of movement, allowing more combos, dodging attacks and projectiles, and and performing acrobatic moves.
Vance gains boosts in magical power and defense, trading in physical power & defense to increase magical & mental abilities. In this form, what would be physical attacks are translated into magical attacks that bypass enemy physical defenses to cause more damage to them.
Vance's desire to fight and defend for good, particularly females, comes in this form, which increases defense and endurance at the trade of speed and agility. What results in Vance being able to take much punishment and allow him to dish it back in return with counter-attacks.
This form allows Vance to launch raw energy at the enemy from his hands, thus making him a ranged combatant. He is able to control the direction of projectiles, beams, and blasts by focusing and concentrating on the objective. By sacrificing melee ability, he can strike targets from a distance before they ever reach his position.
Vance always saw himself as a flyer, and as such, he took this form and soared into the skies, free as a bird. Completely ignoring gravity and his own weight, Vance can take to the air and fly circles around the enemy. As a result, he must compensate and adjust to combat in the air, thus changing some skills to suit his needs.
Vance is enamored by the watery worlds and the mysteries they holds beneath. However, humans lacked the ability to breathe underwater. So, Vance adapted by creating this form. With it, he can plunge the depths of the waters without fear of drowning, exploring the wonders of the seas and oceans as if he was made for it.
Medieval) The forms resemble something similar to medieval fantasy, infusing magical power into it.
Cyber) The forms take on a cyberized look, mixing weapons and equipment with cybernetics and digital abilities.
Modern) The forms appear contemporary and modern, like 21st Century, and thus take on a sleek and sophisticated form and concentrating power where it's needed.
Mystical) The forms have a spiritual style to them, infusing mystical power to them.
Dark) The forms take on a shadowy presence to them, inducing darker & violent abilities.
War) The forms are geared up for warfare, increasing in sheer power and strength.
Psychic) The forms manifest from the mind and willpower, increasing mental and spiritual resistance and defense.

-Additional Power-ups-
These power ups are a result of Vance's intense training and experience in the battlefield combined with his strong emotions and willpower reflected from his MetaForce. As a result, he can invoke special power-ups that give him an edge in battle, but there's a risk involved with using them due to his lack of mental control during such.
Berserker) Vance was kidnapped by the enemy, Eclipsion, and forced to undergo the unspeakable experimentation that they perform on all of their other captives. However, they underestimated their ability to restrain Vance as they invoked a energetic reaction in his soul, causing years of pent-up stress and anger to combine with his MetaForce, resulting in a rage-soaked Vance to break free and cause havok upon Eclipsion's HQ. As Vance fought his way out, he ran into his friends, the Xtreme Regime, who meant to break him out. However, due to Vance being blind with anger, he attacked them as well, causing them to reluctantly subdue him to save him. Since then, Vance has had to try even harder to keep his emotions in check, though he wishes to use this newfound power to his advantage...as long as it's directed at the enemy.
Vance's power and endurance increases as he uses this form, but there's always a chance that he'll turn his anger on his allies if they get in his way, and it's hard to stop him once he gets going short of exhaustion or being knocked-out.
Hyper) Every time Vance gets going on the battlefield, his energetic desire to beat the enemy comes out, channeling his instinct to deliver swift and precise blows on them, not stopping until he's victorious. The MetaForce has manifested this desire and eagerness into an accelerated state, increasing speed and movement drastically. He can attack multiple enemies in rapid succession, not to mention outrun most bigger, heftier opponents, without tiring. As a result, however, his ability to focus on outside threats not in his immediate vicinity makes him an easy target for long-range attackers. This also reduces his awareness of obstacles or hazards around him, and even has a chance of making him lose focus of allies that are too close to him when he's attacking foes. On top of this, after he uses this form for a while or being struck with a strong blow to knock him out of Hyper, he becomes tired and needs to rest for a moment, which makes him open to attack.
Kobito Charge) This form was given to him by a dear friend of his, Princess Rosemary Koibito. She was a servant of a goddess of love and passion, and her blessings gave Rosemary magical power. Rosemary saw Vance's heart, admiring his compassion and sincerity for the fairer sex, so she conducted a ritual to empower Vance with a blessing. By using his love and passion for females he cares about, he gets a special boost of strength, speed, defense, and endurance in knowing that he's fighting for the woman he cares about. It can also recharge his energy from exhaustion, helping him in a pinch. The best ways to invoke this is to receive a hug and/or kiss from said female.
However, there's a catch to using this. If Vance sees that the female shows no interest, or betrays him, this power backfires on Vance, causing said attributes to drop drastically, weakening him. This is another reason why Vance works hard to keep his emotions in-check.
LoveRage) This power-up is the result Berserker and Koibito Charge combining into one. This only happens if a woman he cares about his harmed or dishonored in any way, shape, or form. The resulting surge of energy boosts Vance entirely, making him a vengeful warrior of passion. In this state, only two things can stop him: the death of the offender, or another loved one getting in his path. Outside of those, enemy and ally are liable to be attacked if they get in his way.
Super Form) During his adventures in the Fanza System, Vance came upon a warrior cursed by a sword that granted him the power to defeat his enemies at the cost of his own free will. Despite this, Vance and the warrior became friends, and they fought together on many occasions. One day, the warrior made a decision to regain his free will, and Vance tried to assist him with the MetaEye. Vance was then forced to fight the warrior to his death, but before the warrior could claim his soul, Vance used the MetaEye to break the sword's curse and free the warrior's soul, allowing it to pass on. The warrior then gave Vance the raw power of the sword itself, without the curse. He could feel it make Vance stronger, but it's true power was unleashed when Vance used the MetaEye. The result was an increase in all attributes, giving him super strength, speed, endurance, and stronger special attacks. His hair color even changed from black to white, reflecting the warrior's. As powerful as Vance became, he couldn't use it without using the MetaEye, so it became more of a reason to keep it on him, but the benefits more than outweighed this.


CHARACTER IMAGE LINKS (Optional): Spynmaster's Roster Spynre10 Spynmaster's Roster Spynba10

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