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Post by mercuryfan on Sat Jan 10, 2015 11:51 pm

Konnichi-wa, forum members.  Welcome to this forum that AshK started.  I am the first person that AshK asked to help administer this forum (please excuse my bragging).  To help you get to know me, I provide the following description for your reading pleasure.

It should be clear who my favorite senshi is  Laughing  .  I chose her because the list of similarities between her and I is very long.  My second-favorite is Sailor Saturn, because I could identify with the depressed way Hotaru seemed to be in S season of the 90s anime version of Sailor Moon.

In real life, I am a shy computer geek whose other main hobby is studying mass transit (busses, trains, and ferries) and advocating for its improvement.  But I can come alive here on the internet, where I find interacting with other people to be easier than real life (especially because it seems to be difficult to find someone in real life who shares one of my interests).  When time allows, I also delve into my secondary hobby of being a novice coin collector.

That seems to be a long enough introduction for now.  I am open to any questions about what I have written here.

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