Hi Everybody!! Hello Dr. Stephen

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Hi Everybody!! Hello Dr. Stephen Empty Hi Everybody!! Hello Dr. Stephen

Post by sportsnutd on Sun Jan 11, 2015 12:45 am

(ok ok I am NOT a Doctor and I was just using a Simpsons reference.. That is all. )

Seriously how's it going guys and gals? (Searches room for pretty girls...) My name is Stephen "Sportsnutd" Dareau. You may call me supreme overlord...naw seriously just call me Stephen or sportsnutd. I, like most or perhaps all of us have come from the CBC and are joining this awesome squad of immortal role-players and always and forever good-looking people. I enjoy sports, video games, dogs and long walks in the park... among other things. (Huh...wait?? What? This isn't a dating site??)

In the CBC I played Stephen Salvador, Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter and Rose Albion. I wish to continue (And will) to use them here and am excited for what is to come...

Also, Before anyone asks me, this is an introduction about me and all of it is true but a lot of it was supposed to be funny too.

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